Update on the IMFN Task Force

The work of the IMFN Task Force is proceeding well.  Mr. Juan Carlos Collarte, Chairman of the Task Force, and other members have been actively advancing the international discussion on a new and expanded role for the IMFN.  This discussion has grown out of the success and growth that Model Forests have achieved in a number of  countries.  Did you know that the land area covered by existing Model Forests is more than 12 million hectares? That's a tract of land approximately the size of Greece!

Details on these successes are contained in a new network publication: The IMFN - Spreading the seeds for a sustainable future. This document also describes a vision for the Model Forests and the IMFN, which could make a contribution to the renewal of forests worldwide. I invite you to view this document on our Web site. Or, you can obtain copies from Pauline Dole at the Secretariat.

The next phase of the Task Force's work, which has already begun, involves engaging international donors and institutions.  We invite them to participate as partners in the design and focus of the new IMFN.
Definitely exciting times!

Frederick Johnson, Executive Director, IMFN Secretariat