Workshop on MF for Field-Level Applications of Sustainable Forest Management

From October 23 to 27, Yamanashi Prefecture will host a workshop entitled Model Forests for Field-level Application of Sustainable Forest Management. This workshop is the fourth and final workshop in Japan's series and, like the previous three, will be sponsored by the Forestry Agency of Japan, with technical cooperation from IMFNS and the FAO.  It will draw invited participants from 20 countries and 10 international organizations.  Previous workshops have dealt with questions such as: What are Model Forests?  How can they be promoted and maintained? How can stakeholders be meaningfully drawn into working partnerships for sustainable forest management (SFM)?  This year's theme – Feedback to the Policy Level – flows naturally from the previous three and will focus on the question of policy-level relevance and impact, and the mechanisms for ensuring that policy and field-level practice are linked. 

Japan's workshop series has been instrumental in bringing the Model Forest concept to Asia and in engaging policy and operational experts in a detailed investigation of the difficulties and opportunities for achieving SFM in practice. While Model Forests have been the focal point, it is clear that there are many approaches to SFM and much to be learned from each experiment. The Yamanashi workshop should clearly identify some of the mechanisms for creating and maintaining a productive link between the field and policy levels. As well, participants will be asked to consider the workshop series as a whole, and to assess what has been learned about the link between field-level activities of Model Forests and other SFM initiatives, and, as well, policy making that will promote SFM.