Fall 2000 - International Workshop: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Yamanashi Prefecture, south of Tokyo and home to  Mt. Fuji, will host the Forestry Agency of Japan's fourth and final workshop in its series of International Workshops on Model Forests for Field-level Applications of Sustainable Forest Management. The workshop will be held from October 23 to 27, 2000. It promises to be one of the most rewarding with its theme of "Model Forests and Feedback to Land Use Policy". As in the past, the IMFNS and FAO will collaborate with the Forestry Agency of Japan to deliver this event. 

This workshop series (Tokyo, Mie, and Gunma) has been the key forum for introducing the model forest concept to Asia. It has been enormously successful. So far, hundreds of experts, primarily from South and Pacific Asia, have participated. Over the past three years Japan has invited and offered its own case studies to workshop participants to stimulate thought on how model forests can be used in the participants' countries to advance their own sustainable forest management (SFM) objectives in real operational ways.

The Yamanashi Workshop will continue this exploration. It will draw specialists from the policy and field levels of nearly 20 countries, as well as donors, international agencies, FAO, and IMFNS. Over the five days, participants will share case studies that illustrate the impact that local, partnership-based actions towards SFM can have on the policy level, be it municipal, local, regional or national. Focussing on the need to mutually engage operational with policy levels is one of the most important characteristics of model forests and one which model forests around the world have made important progress on.

Water garden in Mie, Japan

The workshop is expected to conclude with formal proposals on the ways and means to advance model forests and particularly on those model forest activities that will provide feedback to land-use policy planning and decision-making at all levels.  These recommendations will support - in practical terms - the application of the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests (IPF) and the Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (IFF) Proposals for Actions.