Virtual Library Being Developed

Model Forests in the USA have just began a three-year project to develop a virtual library system intended eventually to be used throughout the IMFN. The purpose is to make diverse kinds of reliable information easily accessible using Internet technology. This library will also have the special attribute of allowing users   to annotate observations, which will be recorded and visible to future users. Users, for example, could identify convergences and gaps in research. 

Advantages of such a library include not only providing users with reliable information, but also broadcasting findings to a targeted audience; reducing Web site development and maintenance costs by becoming a "family" of information providers; reducing the volume of phone information requests;  and increasing efficiency by providing a location for that information.

The National Science Foundation, the US Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management are funding this project. They are collaborating with the Oregon Graduate Institute, a graduate school in computer sciences, and Mr. Eric Landis, a consultant who first championed these ideas. For more information, see the Adaptive Management Area Network homepage ( ~amanet.htm) for a slide show and a copy of the research proposal, which includes an example. If your model forest is interested in participating, please contact Tim Tolle at