New Partnership

Over the past few years, the Manitoba Model Forest (MMF) and the Monarch Butterfly Model Forest (MBMF)  have been exploring opportunities to work together in the areas of ecotourism, sustainable communities and education.

Their collaboration has progressed to an agreement-in-principle, reached between the MMF, the MBMF in Mexico and the Earthbound Environmental Inc., to place a Canadian intern with the MBMF to work for six months on joint MMF/MBMF ecotourism projects.  The intern, a recent Canadian graduate, will work under the direction of  MMF staff.  Salary will be provided by the Canada/Mexico Environmental Internship Project, and the model forest will be responsible for room and board.  It is proposed that the intern will then work for six months in the Manitoba MF.  The possibility of an additional intern for the MBMF, to work on issues of domestic waste management, is also being considered.