CIFOR Writing Workshop, Hawaii, August 1999

In March, the IMFNS submitted a proposal to the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) to participate in a writing competition on the theme  “Methods for Multiple Stakeholder Management of Community Forests”. The specific goal of the writing workshop was to document and analyze how stakeholders adjust to changing circumstances under a variety of adaptive co-management scenarios, the model forest  initiative being one. The proposal was enthusiastically accepted and, in late July, Dr. Ron Ayling was engaged by the IMFNS to pack his survival kit and head off for four weeks’ work in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Output from the workshop was not only the new contacts and new appreciation for other sustainable forest management (SFM) initiatives around the globe, but also a publication describing a variety of case studies and experiences. Dr. Ayling’s chapter will be one of ten in a publication expected to be out by January 2000.  The IMFN chapter will illustrate, through examples from Mexico, Russia, and Canada, that the model forest concept can be effectively applied in a variety of  settings and that both the communities and the resource base can benefit.
The IMFNS and the Canadian Model Forest Network Secretariat (CMFNS) were pleased to collaborate in support of this initiative.