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21 November 2016
Eastern Ontario Model Forest, Canada From the syrup we pour on our pancakes to the enriching features of our landscapes,   forests and forest products continue to be ever present in our lives.  Highlighted below are a few initiatives from the Canadian Model Forest Network...
16 August 2016
PRESS RELEASE July 20, 2016, Rome, Italy—The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and International Model Forest Network (IMFN) Secretariat have agreed to strengthen cooperation to realize shared goals around innovative approaches to sustainable forest management (...
13 June 2016
Manitoba Model Forest, Canada The issue   Moose are the largest mammal in the boreal forest (weighing up to 600 kg) and the largest member of the deer family. They are an important component of the overall biodiversity found in the boreal forest, and a food source for predators such as wolves...
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Implementation of a  CC guidebookImplementation of a CC guidebook
The Canadian Model Forest Network tested the principles from the guidebook in two Aboriginal communities in Canada and in the Vilhelmina Model Forest in Sweden. Small communities in forest-based settings, are most vulnerable to climate change and we’re seeing those impacts from extreme weather events, such as forest fires and floods, by their front door. This video is in English video close-captions in English, French and Spanish. (click on the CC button below the video to access subtitles)
Our case studies from around the world
Case studies image EngCase studies image Eng
These case studies present testimonials from Model Forest stakeholders around the world highlighting the International Model Forest Network’s ongoing contribution to the sustainable management and use of natural resources. The Model Forest approach improves landscape management by allowing people to define what sustainable development looks like for them and for their area. Through Model Forests, the people profiled here are making a difference.

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