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This occasional series of Impact Notes offers a graphical summary of recent news and resources from the IMFN.
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What is a MF EnWhat is a MF En
Model Forests are based on an approach that combines the social, cultural and economic needs of local communities with the long-term sustainability of large landscapes in which forests are an important feature.
Video: What is a Model Forest?
ETFRN governance articleETFRN governance article
Six key governance factors identified from more than 20 years of global Model Forest experience.
Publication: Governance Lessons
Our Stories
IMFN map Dec 2015IMFN map Dec 2015
11 January 2016
The International Model Forest Network Secretariat extends our best wishes for a happy and healthy new year as well as success in all of your endeavours. Throughout 2016, we are looking forward to presenting you with new inspiring stories of activities taking place in Model Forests. Below you will find just a few of the many stories we are proud of and shared in 2015.
Fur market re-development in Lac-Saint-Jean Model ForestFur market re-development in Lac-Saint-Jean Model Forest
16 November 2015
The establishment of a Centre of Excellence in Boreal Fur in the Lac-Saint-Jean Model Forest can have a significant effect on the region’s economy, especially to the Indigenous and rural communities where the fur industry has been an integral part of the region’s history and culture, and the driving economic engine of its people for centuries.
Chorotega Model Forest, Costa RicaChorotega Model Forest, Costa Rica
02 November 2015
The Model Forest created a space for discussion from which several local small businesses developed, providing lodging, food, goods and services, and recreational and informational activities.
Our Videos and Podcasts
Implementation of a  CC guidebookImplementation of a CC guidebook
The Canadian Model Forest Network tested the principles from the guidebook in two Aboriginal communities in Canada and in the Vilhelmina Model Forest in Sweden. Small communities in forest-based settings, are most vulnerable to climate change and we’re seeing those impacts from extreme weather events, such as forest fires and floods, by their front door. This video is in English video close-captions in English, French and Spanish. (click on the CC button below the video to access subtitles)
Our Publications
MF Dev GuideMF Dev Guide
The Model Forest Development Guide is part of a toolkit to help organizations and individuals seeking to develop a Model Forest and join the International Model Forest Network (IMFN). This guide introduces the principles that define a Model Forest, outlines the general process for establishing one and provides information on the IMFN and how to join it.